Skansie Net Shed Portal Site

Skansie Net Shed Portal Site

The Skansie net shed, in Gig Harbor, Washington, is CHA’s first portal site.

The use of the Skansie Brothers net shed for commercial fishing family cultural and educational center has been the in the sights of Coastal Heritage Alliance for several years. In May of 2012, CHA was successful in negotiating an exclusive 20 year lease with the City of Gig Harbor in exchange for providing public benefit programming related to Gig Harbor’s fishing history and heritage.

The Skansie Brothers net shed, located in the Skansie Brothers waterfront park, will eventually become the new

West Coast portal site of CHA. The significance of the site has allowed it to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as a similar listing on the Washington State Historic Register. This location has a direct link to the community’s Croatian commercial fishing and boatbuilding industry which makes it an ideal staging for CHA to honor the past, while educating for the future. Modest part time activities have begun in and around the net shed, and it is CHA’s intent to greatly increase its program venue over the next few years.

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